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Repair, maintenance and ispection of industrial machines and construction equipment.


Meccanica Cesena s.r.l.was founded in 2001 and deals with inspection, repair, maintenance and installation of any kind of industrial machinery and construction equipment.

The company is located in the new factory of 4,000 square meters where our skilled team works with decades of experience in the field, equipped with cranes and advanced equipment. Machines to be repaired are completely disassembled and reviewed from a structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical point of view.

The company is also able to complete the work dealing with sandblasting, finishings and painting.


• Repair parts wagon part
• Hydraulic installation inspection
• mechanical and hydraulic transmission ispection
• hydraulic rams inspection and creation of new ones
• demolition hummers, drills,pliers and grinders innspection
• Buckets modification and repair

We are ready for any challenge
We can assist you in 360 °:
Implementation of carpentry
Revision and Repair
technical assistance
First Aid on site



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