Painting on the behalf of third parties


Thanks to a modern painting system and to a skilled and experienced team, we can deal with painting on the behalf of third parties 


Outer dimensions of the cabin:

Width mm. 5,770

Height mm. 6,540

Length mm. 18,300

Useful dimensions of the cabin:

Width mm. 5,480

Height mm. 5,470

Length mm. 18,100

Dimensions of the grid:

Length mm. 2 x 8,250

Width mm. 3 x 820

Installed electric power:

- N. 4 Kw motor vacuums. 9.2 each.

- N. 4 Kw motor input. 9.2 each.

Installed thermal power: Kcal / h 650,000

Quantity-air intake: m3 / h 97,000

Quantity-air input: m3 / h 95,000

-Temperature in the cabin

Phase coating: 22 ° C

stage cooking 70 ° C

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